B4SD has a NEW LOOK … and some big announcements.


... and some big announcements

We are rolling out a new website, some great new features for our members, and an SDG GovTech Innovation Challenge with a $3000.00 bounty and awards at United Nations HQ!

#1: New Website & Digital Infrastructure

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Our first big announcement of Summer 2019 is that B4SD has launched a new website that is mobile optimized, and added digital infrastructure. We are very glad to have had so much one-on-one communication with members, but its time to step it up. B4SD has over 150 individual and corporate members and 750 email list subscribers, and we need to automate some of our communications, starting with this email list.

Thankfully, this also enables us to expand digital services for our members. Over the summer we will be rolling out a dedicated resources page for those members seeking to expand their knowledge of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), a new #slack communications portal, and much more.
The new B4SD Member Communication Platform is a members-only #slack that Kylen has developed, and is accessible to all members today. This is a place where members can communicate with us, advisors, and eachother. Members can collaborate and debate/discuss issues relevant to our mission, the SDGs, and emerging technology. Our Slack will also be the digital communication hub for participants in a series of public engagement challenges conducted by B4SD and our partners. Visit at B4SD.slack.com

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#2: Happenings & Events

B4SD at Blockchain Global Summit at United Nations

Jeremy and Kylen have just returned from the 2019 Blockchain for Impact Global Summit at United Nations HQ, where B4SD was an anchor partner and moderated a panel: Emerging IoT for Sustainable Cities, Towns, and Rural Areas. Our brilliant friends, Jonathan Dotan from Stanford, Ramy Noaman from AI SDG Group, Camilla Barungi from InPath Partners, Sylvester A Omuemu from Google, and Mitchell Chait from GreenFence (not pictured), joined Jeremy on the Panel to discuss how blockchain advances problem solving on issues at the heart of the rural/urban divide. The #BFI2019 summit was a great opportunity to engage with global leaders working on issues at the intersection of emerging technology and sustainable development, and we are honored to have been invited to participate.

B4SD Meetup
July 11 - Catalyst RiNo
Denver, CO

Blockchain and SDG 3
Health and Wellbeing

w/ Frank Ricotta of BurstIQ

More Meetups and Events

More Colorado blockchain events at
Thank you for your continued support of B4SD. Expect more great news in the coming weeks!

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