We are B4SD
We are B4SD
We are B4SD
Blockchain for Sustainable Development (B4SD) is an advocacy, advisory, and educational network promoting UN Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) attainment through the use of blockchain and emerging technologies.
Blockchain for Sustainable Development (B4SD) is an advocacy, advisory, and educational network promoting UN Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) attainment through the use of blockchain and emerging technologies.
Blockchain for Sustainable Development (B4SD) is an advocacy, advisory, and educational network promoting UN Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) attainment through the use of blockchain and emerging technologies.

Our Mission

Blockchain for Sustainable Development (B4SD) is a registered 501(c)3 Colorado nonprofit corporation operating exclusively for the educational and charitable purposes of advancing the development, use, and application of blockchain technology, distributed ledger technology, and emerging technologies for positive social and environmental impact, and in furtherance of UN Sustainable Development Goal attainment.

We advance opportunities for SDG attainment by: advocating for emerging technology companies addressing goals or targets; advising entities in the public and private sector; and educating all stakeholders on the relevant issues and technologies at the intersection of global impact and emerging technologies.

2030 Agenda

17 goals and 169 targets to transform our world

Congratulations to 2019 ETHDenver Impact Track winner: JobSimple

What We Do

Private Advisory

We assist national, state, and local governments, agencies, and organizations in navigating the rapidly-changing emerging technology space. We advise public sector entities on integrating incentives for digital solutions into national development planning and researching relevant policy issues.  We identify, plan, and architect technical solutions to address social and environmental issues and connect entities with key stakeholders and operators needed to turn digital opportunity into goal attainment. 

We provide a wide-range of impact consulting and advisory services to public and private sector entities. We identify potential opportunities for social or environmental impact, and assist companies in develping impact and sustainabilty goals aligned with the SDGs. This alignment assists companies in: identifying partners, including civil society organizations, UN agencies, and governments; engaging on issues important to impact investors; and, conducting the due dilligence necessary for many impact grants.

We work with startups and medium-size enterprises to develop technology-specific corporate responsibility policies and impact planning to guide goal attainment. Businesses which take concrete steps early in their growth to solidify their corporate promise to people and the environment through a policy and review mechanism are much better suited to acheive the impact results they seek, and much less likely to engage in irresponsible corporate behavior during development.

Well-researched, innovative impact planning is vital to the success of a small business or tech product with direct social or environmental focus. Great impact planning can open doorways to civil society and philanthropic organizations, UN agencies, IGOs, governments, and other private operators. It can also create new pathways to funding from impact investors, through grants, and increased general investment.

We conduct internal Impact Monitoring and Evaluation (IIME) for public and private sector entities on pilot projects, product rollouts, and ongoing programs. Our IME processes are periodic and continuous, conducted after program initiation and during the duration of that program. The data acquired is input and output focused, and the consisted reporting, including analytical focus, can be used to determine efficiency of implementation and develop and ongoing strategy.

We assist businesses in identifying opportunities for improved impact and efficiency through the use of emerging technologies. We work with planning and development teams to design potential use cases, and manage pilot projects. 

Public Engagement

We are honored to work with the ETHDenver Buildathon + Community Gathering, the largest Ethereum hackathon in the world, each year to develop and organize their SDG Impact Track. In 2019, in collaboration with UNICEF ventures and Bounties Network, 5 projects were awarded a total of $15,000 to build projects with a potential social or environmental impact.

B4SD team and advisors are pleased to participate in education and innovaiton outreach on issues relevant to impact and technology with universities and other educational institutions, intergovernmental entities, and nonprofits. We are proud to have worked in the past with the United Nations, University of Denver, University of Colorado, Colorado Blockchain, Government Blockchain Association, CEMS, DISCON, Denver Startup Week, Boulder Startup Week, and others.

We are proud to work with the Blockchain Commission, Blockchain for Impact (BFI), and PVBLIC to develop and manage the SDG Technology Innovation Government Challenge (TIG-C) at the 2019 UN BFI Summit: Frontier Technologies for Social Impact, June 4, 2019 at the United Nations Headquarters in New York. The 2019 SDG TIG-C is sponsored by the Government of Uganda and is based on a real-world development pilot in Uganda, the Buikwe Project.

Learn more at: blockchainforimpact.org

We host a frequent meetup in partnerhsip with Crypto Tuesday for Social Good, where we provide educational seminars, host panels, and conduct discussion sessions on issues at the intersection of the SDGs and emerging tech. We also provide booze. Join us at: meetup.com/Blockchain-for-Sustainable-Development/


We conduct independent research and reporting on the use, development, and application of emerging technologies for SDG attainment. We publish academic and media materials on various outlets, highlighting issues relevant to the SDGs and emerging technology.

We have developed a strong network of professionals, thought-leaders and academics in areas relevant to our mission: emerging technology, climate change, human rights, tech development, blockchain interoperability, environmental law, agriculture, farming, international relations, and others. 

We host frequent networking events, often surrounding larger conferences relevant to our mission. Our events bring together the right people for the right cause to spur innovation.

Our Team

  • Jeremy S Goldstein
    Jeremy S Goldstein
    Executive Director
  • Kylen McClintock
    Kylen McClintock
    Co-Director, Division of Incubation, Acceleration, & Impact

Our Advisors

Our Partners, Affiliates, and Members

Daniel Moore
Blockchain for Social Impact Advocate

Director of Alumni Engagement; Blockchain for Social Impact Curriculum at Regis University

Dan is the former executive director of the SALT Bridge Foundation, which was originally founded by collateralized crypto loan provider SALT Lending, and is dedicated to breaking down barriers to financial inclusion to the unbanked and underbanked. Dan is also the Director of Alumni Engagement at Regis University, where he has developed a curriculum focused on blockchain and international trade and sustainable development.


Valeria Kholostenko
Chief Experience Officer at BXD
Valeria Kholostenko is routinely crossing time zones, helping organizations across the world and from all sectors understand how blockchain is lifting up the hood on our outdated systems and signaling a way forward. But don’t mistake her for mere financier or technologist. Valeria is one of the talented and driven minds working on initiatives to incubate, develop, and implement blockchain solutions that address social and environmental challenges across the UN’s 2030 Sustainable Development Goals.
Silicon Valley startup vet turned impact poster girl, Valeria is always one-half heads-down, forming partnerships and deploying blockchain projects, other half heads-up, educating the public, fielding questions, and looking for vulnerable communities and inspiring organizations that stand to benefit most from blockchain technology
Dan W Shields
Community Manager of Colorado Blockchain
Colorado Blockchain
Dan is a thought leader and community activist in the Blockchain community. He is active in development, education, and promoting adoption of disruptive Distributed Ledger Technologies (DLTs) regionally and global. He firmly believes that these technologies are fundamental to bringing about a radically more just, kind, transparent, and equitable world for us all. His mission is to build Colorado into the innovative hub for companies creating and individuals  utilizing DLT systems. He facilitates multiple Colorado Blockchain meetups, conferences and events and produces digital media to amplify the voice of these communities.  He consults on blockchain education, event coordination, business development, strategic assessments, as well as project planning, execution, and management.
With B4SD, Dan organizes and actively recruits talented membership in the local monthly meetup  ( https://www.meetup.com/Blockchain-for-Sustainable-Development/ ).
Rob Steiner
Head of Distributed Ledger Technologies at DISH
DISH Network
As the Head of Distributed Ledger Technologies for DISH Network, Rob’s primary focus is on research and development of DLT for DISH’s IoT and 5G networks.  In addition, he also oversees blockchain implementations for the DBS business and Sling TV.
Prior to joining DISH, Rob worked to develop CSR and millennial social engagement programs on Wall St. The platform he created allowed young professionals to connect to the philanthropic causes that would bring them passion and purpose. Rob has also developed global supply chain and order fulfillment software that allows artisans in impoverished communities direct access to economies world wide. Rob is dedicated to increasing the use and impact of corporate CSR and responsible business activities at DISH, and is proud to advise B4SD in their mission for SDG attainment.
Ved P Nanda
WJA World Legal Scholar & UN Human Rights Award Recepient

John Evans Distinguished & Thompson G. Marsh Professor of Law – University of Denver Sturm College of Law

Professor Ved Nanda has taught at the University of Denver since 1965. At the University of Denver Sturm College of Law he holds the distinctions of John Evans Distinguished University Professor and Thompson G. Marsh Professor of Law, and is the Founding Director and Director Emeritus of the International Legal Studies Program.

Professor Nanda has been significantly involved in the global international law community throughout his career. He is Past President of the World Jurist Association and now its Honorary President, former Vice President and counselor of the American Society of International Law, and a member of the advisory council of the United States Institute of Human Rights. He was formerly the United States Delegate and Vice-Chair of the Executive Council of the World Federation of the United Nations Associations in Geneva, and served on the Board of Directors of the United Nations Association-USA. He also serves as an elected member of the American Law Institute, is on the executive board of the American Bar Association Human Rights Center, and is a council member of the American Bar Association Section of International Law. Professor Nanda has been a Distinguished Visiting Professor and Scholar at numerous of universities in the United States and abroad.

Professor Nanda has been honored with numerous international and national awards, including the 2018 Louis B. Sohn Award for Public International Law from the ABA Section of International Law, the Gandhi, King, Ikeda Award for Community Peace Building from Soka Gakkai International and Morehouse College, the World Jurist Association World Legal Scholar award, the United Nations Association Human Rights Award, and the Hiroshima Peace Award. Professor Nanda was honored in 2017 in the U.S. House of Representatives.

Professor Nanda earned a B.A. and M.A from Punjab University in India, and earned his L.L.B and L.L.M from Delhi University in India, where he graduated first in his class. He went on to earn another L.L.M. from Northwestern Law School in Chicago, and was a Graduate Fellow at Yale Law School in New Haven. He has also received honorary doctorates from Soka University in Tokyo, Japan and from Bundelkhand University, Jhansi, India.

Professor Nanda has authored or co-authored 25 books in the various fields of international law, over 225 chapters and major law review articles, is a regular columnist for the Denver Post, and is a frequent contributor in print and electronic media internationally.

Kristi Disney Bruckner
Executive Director of Sustainable Development Strategies Group

Sustainable Development Strategies Group

Kristi Disney Bruckner is an attorney specializing in environmental law and policy, and international resources transactions law and policy. She is the Executive Director at Sustainable Development Strategies Group, where she develops and implements programs focused on sustainable development and good governance of natural resources. These programs include seminars that build the capacity of developing country governments to negotiate and manage natural resource development agreements; workshops to educate government, community and industry stakeholders about roles, rights and responsibilities in mine development initiatives; preparation of validation reports for the Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative (EITI) and assessment reports for the Intergovernmental Forum on Mining, Minerals, Metals, and Sustainable Development; and university-based seminars and internship programs that build the skills of professional leaders around the globe to more sustainably manage natural resources.

Kristi is most interested in the application of blockchain and emerging technology as it relates to sustainable mining and corruption, and UN Sustainable Development Goal attainment through sustainable environmental systems and ecosystem services management. In addition to advancing B4SD mission in her areas of specialized expertise in the international system, Kristi assists in an operational and organizational advisory role.

Jorge Alonso
Expert in EU and International Law, and Diplomacy

Expert in EU Regulation, International Law, International Relations, and Diplomacy

Jorge is a expert in European Union (EU) regulation and international law, international relations, and diplomacy. He has worked in the legal department of numerous EU agencies, including the Community Plant Variety Office in Angers (France) and the European Microfinance Network in Brussels (Belgium), where he investigated legal issues relating to cryptocurrency and taxation in the EU. Jorge holds a Joint Bachelor’s Degree in Law and Business Administration from the University of Zaragoza and a certificate in Public International Law from The Hague Academy of International Law.

Jorge currently studying for the Spanish Diplomatic Service access exam and he is interested in the use of blockchain technology in developing solutions to public sector problems, such as corruption and rule of law, particularly within the EU.

Michael Landau
Chairman & CEO of CTI-Africa & MPWR Data

CTI-Africa & MPWR Data

Michael Landau is a pioneer. Michael is Chairman & CEO of CTI-Africa and MPWR Data, and Chairman of MAP International, and is an entrepreneur who has built a portfolio of ventures in real estate, mortgage banking, information and communication technologies, and advanced banking solutions. He also serves as Chairman of MAP International’s sister company, MAPcash. Michael is a delegate and founding contributor to the UN Blockchain Commission and UN Blockchain for Impact initiative, and was invited to speak at the innnagural Blockchain for Impact conference at the United Nationsl HQ in 2018. Michael is a former board member of Regalian PLC, a British real estate development company. Mr. Landau has been an invited speaker at several conferences and forums, among them a presentation on “Africa’s Industrial Drive: The Private Sector and Corporate Citizenship” at the African Union/U.N. Global Compact Private Sector Forum in Addis Ababa.

Active in community-based initiatives, Mr. Landau has hosted and chaired several political forums and meetings with the New York City Police Department. He is the chairman of the Council of Orthodox Jewish Organizations of Manhattan (New York City), an umbrella group representing the Jewish community to government and political leaders. He also has extensive experience interfacing with UN leaders as a community representative—a relationship that began when he initiated the creation of a UN special stamp edition in remembrance of the International Day of Commemoration for Victims of the Holocaust. Michael was invited to serve on the board of the World Sports Alliance, an intergovernmental organization whose mission is to use sport as a catalyst to design and implement programs to realize the UN’s Millennium Development Goals. He received his bachelor’s degree from the London School of Economics and a master’s degree in real estate development and finance from New York University. He received his law degree from Yeshiva University’s Cardoza School of Law and is admitted to practice law in New York, New Jersey, and the District of Columbia. He and his wife reside in New York City with their four children.

Hunter Lovins
Millennium TIME Magazine Hero of the Planet

Natural Capitalism Solutions

Hunter is President and founder of Natural Capitalism Solutions and co-creator of the “Natural Capitalism” concept. Named Millennium TIME Magazine Hero of the Planet, Hunter Lovins was awarded the 2008 Sustainability Pioneer Prize by the European financial community for her 30 years of work framing the sustainability movement, setting forth the business case for energy efficiency, renewable energy and resource productivity and climate protection. A social entrepreneur, she mentors for the Unreasonable Institute, and consults to large corporations, small businesses, communities, and dozens of nations around the world. A founding professor at Bard MBA and several other graduate programs, she was called by Newsweek Magazine the “green business icon.”

Previously, she co-founded Tree People, serving as its Assistant Director for 6 years, and Rocky Mountain Institute, which she led it for 20 years as CEO. Author of hundreds of papers and 15 books, including the landmark work, Natural Capitalism, Ms. Lovins travels the world, lecturing at such venues as the World Economic Forum, the UN, WOBI, TED and many others. Her private and public sector clients include Unilever, World Business Council for Sustainable Development, Wal-Mart, Royal Dutch/Shell, the International Finance Corporation, and the governments of Afghanistan, Australia, Bhutan, Canada, Honduras, Jamaica, Germany, New Zealand, Sweden, the US and many more. For many years a firefighter and EMT, she is one of the creators of the field of resilience. Her 1981 book Brittle Power remains one of the best treatments of the topic. Her recent book, The Way Out: Kickstarting Capitalism to Save Our Economic Ass won the Atlas Award. Her latest, Creating a Lean and Green Business System, won the Shingo Prize.

Brandon Welch
Program Director of the Colorado Carbon Fund

Colorado Carbon Fund

Brandon is interested in reinventing the carbon economy by connecting people and private capital with food, fiber, and land. Taking the time to slow down and see the United States through long-distance backpacking, bike touring and crisscrossed country road trips, he has had the opportunity to see life through a lens many people pass by. Truly experiencing a sense of place amongst the mountains, deserts, plains, rivers, and oceans of America, it becomes self-evident that our generation’s decisions are critical. We have the power to rob the earth of its natural beauty or regenerate it.

With this in mind, Brandon came to managing the Colorado Carbon Fund (CCF). The CCF invests in carbon reduction projects throughout Colorado, with a particular focus in land-based projects. Using natural cycles such as reforestation and regenerative agriculture to sequester carbon from our atmosphere. Simultaneously, he has Co-Founded the Carbon Neutral Services Coalition (CNSC) in conjunction with Bolder Energy Engineers and Namaste Solar. CNSC is a coalition that has reinvented the standard of carbon neutrality. Combining tools from solar, energy efficiency, and carbon reduction, we offer the world’s first service capable of offering businesses and people a way to truly achieve 100% carbon neutrality. If he ever takes a break from working, you can find him struggling to climb rocks, running the backwoods of Chautauqua, or looking for the next best stout in town.

Jeremy S Goldstein
Executive Director


Jeremy is a corporate and transactional attorney and entrepreneur, and Executive Director of Blockchain for Sustainable Development (B4SD). Through his law firm and a separate legal consulting firm, Blockchain Legal Strategies, Jeremy represents blockchain startups and emerging technology companies, with a focus on business development, international law, blockchain law & policy, sustainable development, international & comparative regulatory law, capital formation, and responsible business. B4SD a nonprofit organization advancing the development of blockchain technology for Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) attainment. Jeremy believes the widespread adoption of blockchain and emerging technologies has the potential to advance industrial and business efficiencies, effectively eradicate the world’s most serious human rights violations, and attain the Global Goals by 2030. In line with this mission, he advises and represents socially responsible businesses and civil society organizations.

Jeremy is a member in good standing of the Colorado Bar. He earned a J.D. and C.S. in International Law from the University of Denver Sturm College of Law, a B.B.A in Economics from Baruch College, and a certificate in Public International Law from The Hague Academy of International Law. He formerly was a researcher on issues of sustainable mining and international law for Sustainable Development Strategies Group, and researched and investigated atrocities crimes for a global nonprofit. Jeremy is a former research assistant to the venerable professor Ved P. Nanda, and a former summer associate at YKVN Law in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam. Prior to entering the legal field, Jeremy had a successful career in the music industry. Jeremy has published on topics of global business and human rights, international law, and blockchain and international law.

Kylen McClintock
Co-Director, Division of Incubation, Acceleration, & Impact


Kylen McClintock is the founder and president of wearable technology company AirBespoke, and brings to B4SD experience in advising startups and nonprofits on creating impactful blockchain models throughout the developing world. Kylen is the co-founder and managing co-director of B4SD with a focus on community development, and leads the Incubation, Acceleration, and Impact Division.

Kylen earned a Masters Degree in Engineering Technology Management and a Bachelors Degree in Mechanical Engineering from the Colorado School of Mines. Kylen is also the chair of the Proof of Impact division at Flux IOT, where he is developing the first SDG driven Proof of Impact model to bring agricultural insights to the worlds subsistence farmers throughout the Flux network.