We are B4SD
We are B4SD
We are B4SD
Blockchain for Sustainable Development (B4SD) is an advocacy, advisory, and educational network promoting UN Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) attainment through blockchain and emerging technologies.
Blockchain for Sustainable Development (B4SD) is an advocacy, advisory, and educational network promoting UN Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) attainment through the use of blockchain and emerging technologies.
Blockchain for Sustainable Development (B4SD) is an advocacy, advisory, and educational network promoting UN Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) attainment through the use of blockchain and emerging technologies.

Our Mission

Blockchain for Sustainable Development (B4SD) is nonprofit organized and operating exclusively for the educational and charitable purposes of advancing the development, use, and application of blockchain technology, distributed ledger technology, and emerging technologies for positive social and environmental impact, and in furtherance of UN Sustainable Development Goal attainment.

B4SD is a 501(c)3 registered Colorado nonprofit corporation, based in Denver, CO, USA. We advance opportunities for SDG attainment by advocating for emerging technology companies addressing goals or targets; advising entities in the public and private sector; and educating all stakeholders on the relevant issues and technologies at the intersection of global impact and emerging technologies.

17 Goals
17 Goals
169 Targets
169 Targets
to transform our World
to transform our World

What We Do

Private Advisory

We assist public and private sector entities in developing a full understading of all stakeholders within a digital ecosystem. We designed the Proof of Impact Canvas to identify issues from the perspective of each stakeholder within a given digital ecosystem, and map a solution that unifies incentives of each relevant stakeholder involved.

We design incentive and disincentive structures for emerging technology projects. Our Proof of Impact canvas enables a holistic approach to identifying all ecosystem stakeholders through the lens of behavioral economics.

We design architecture for custom tokens that align incentives within an ecosystem, and provide high level token economic and governance design strategy. We also offer implementation guidance and connections to our network of advisors and partners who have successfully built and implemented SDG aligned solutions around the world.

We assist national, state, and local governments, agencies, and organizations in navigating the rapidly-changing emerging technology space. We advise public sector entities on integrating incentives for digital solutions into national development planning, and research relevant policy issues. We identify, plan, and architect technical solutions to address social and environmental issues and connect entities with key stakeholders and operators needed to turn digital opportunity into goal attainment. 

We assist businesses in identifying opportunities for improved impact and efficiency through the use of emerging technologies. We work with planning and development teams to design potential use cases, and manage pilot projects. 

We identify opportunities for social and environmental impact, and develop impact and sustainabilty goals aligned with the SDGs. This alignment assists companies in: identifying partners, including civil society organizations, UN agencies, and governments; engaging on issues important to impact investors; and, conducting requisite due dilligence for impact grants.

We work with startups and medium-size enterprises to develop technology-specific corporate responsibility policies and impact planning to guide goal attainment. Businesses which take concrete steps early to solidify their corporate impact goals into action plans through a policy and review mechanism are much better suited to acheive the impact results they seek, and much less likely to engage in irresponsible corporate behavior during development.

Well-researched, innovative impact planning is vital to the success of a small business or tech product with direct social or environmental focus. Great impact planning can open doorways to civil society and philanthropic organizations, UN agencies, IGOs, governments, and other private operators. It can also create new pathways to funding from impact investors, through grants, and increased general investment.

We conduct internal Impact Monitoring and Evaluation (IME) for public and private sector entities on pilot projects, product rollouts, and ongoing programs. Our IME processes are periodic and continuous, conducted after program initiation and during the duration of that program. The data acquired is input and output focused, and the reporting, including analytical focus, is used to determine efficiency of implementation and develop ongoing strategy.

We regularly conduct social and political risk assessments; analyze national, regional, and international laws and policies, and governance agreements; and assess governmental and corporate implementation of international standards.

We regularly develop curriculum on issues at the intersection of emerging technologies and sustainable development. We provide training courses and facilitation services for governments and companies to strengthen implementation of impact policies.

Public Engagement

We work with the ETHDenver Buildathon + Community Gathering, the largest Ethereum hackathon in the world, each year to develop and organize their SDG Impact Track. In 2019, in collaboration with UNICEF Ventures and Bounties Network, 5 projects were awarded a total of $15,000 to build projects with a potential social or environmental impact.

We have developed a strong network of professionals, thought-leaders and academics in areas relevant to our mission: emerging technology, climate change, human rights, tech development, blockchain interoperability, environmental law, agriculture, international relations, and others.

Our netowrk includes a #slack group where members can communicate with us, advisors, and eachother. Members can collaborate and debate/discuss issues relevant to our mission, the SDGs, and emerging technology. Our Slack is also the digital communication hub for participants in a series of public engagement challenges conducted by B4SD and our partners. Visit at B4SD.slack.com

We host a frequent meetup in partnerhsip with Crypto Tuesday for Social Good, where we provide educational seminars, host panels, and conduct discussion sessions on issues at the intersection of the SDGs and emerging tech. Join us at: meetup.com/Blockchain-for-Sustainable-Development/

We also host frequent networking events, often surrounding larger conferences relevant to our mission. Our events bring together thought-leaders to spur innovation.

B4SD team and advisors are pleased to participate in education and innovaiton outreach on issues relevant to impact and technology with universities and other educational institutions, intergovernmental entities, and nonprofits.

We conduct independent research and reporting on the use, development, and application of emerging technologies for SDG attainment. We publish academic and media materials on various outlets, highlighting issues relevant to the SDGs and emerging technology to grow public awareness.

Our team and advisors are honored to frequently provide Keynote presenters and speakers at local, national, and international forums on topics at the intersection of emerging technology and sustainable development.

B4SD is proud to be a participating member of Sustainable Development Solutions Network (SDSN)

Our Team

Jeremy S Goldstein
Executive Director

Jeremy is an attorney and entrepreneur, and executive director of B4SD. He believes the widespread adoption of emerging trustless technologies has the potential to reduce industrial inefficiencies, effectively eradicate the world’s most serious human rights violations, and advance the attainment the Global Goals.

Jeremy advises public and private sector entities, carries out capacity-building activities, conducts monitoring and evaluation of impact goal attainment, and publishes researched academic and non-academic literature on issues at the intersection of emerging technologies and sustainable development.

Jeremy is a member in good standing of the Colorado Bar. He earned a J.D. and C.S. in International Law from the University of Denver Sturm College of Law, a B.B.A in Economics from Baruch College, and a certificate in Public International Law from The Hague Academy of International Law.

Kylen McClintock

Kylen is an entrepreneur and engineer with a background in environmental data collection. He is the Founder of AirBespoke, a online custom clothing shop supporting sustainable development and trade.

Kylen is passionate about implementing applicatons of blockchain and DLT for social and environmental impact through proof of impact models. He is focused on implementing engineered solutions to complex hybrid systems, and is most interested in utilizing human-centered design to make our lives more human, even as our world grows to depend more on technology.

Kylen loves working with entrepreneurs, creatives, and engineers, and is currenly writing a book on the Proof of Impact Canvas. Kylen earned a Masters in Engineering Technology Management and a Bachelors in Mechanical Engineering from the Colorado School of Mines. Kylen speaks frequently at conferences and events.


Our Advisors

Rob Steiner
Head of Blockchain, Wireless Innovation at DISH
Hunter Lovins
Millennium TIME Magazine Hero of the Planet; Author of Natural Capitalism
Kristi Disney Bruckner
Executive Director of SDSG; Professor of Law
Angela Rose Whaley
VP of Client Experience at mGive & GRYYT; Co-founder of Mental Wellness Meetup
Ved P Nanda
Professor of Law; WJA World Legal Scholar; UN Human Rights Award Recipient
Sylvester M. Omuemu Jr.
Global Strategic Partnerships, Google Cloud
Daniel M Moore
Blockchain for Social Impact Advocate
Michael Landau
CEO of CTIAfrica; Chairman of Buikwe Project
Efraim "Ef" Wyeth
Director at Foundation for Climate Restoration
Brandon Welch
Program Director of the Colorado Carbon Fund

Our Clients & Projects

Our Partners & Affiliates

Our Corporate Members

Charitable donations to B4SD are 100% tax deductible and advance our pubic engagement, advocacy and educational activities and administration.
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